5 Reasons to try a Detox Juice Cleanse this Spring

Spring is here, so why not celebrate the vernal equinox by spring-cleaning your body NOW! Sign up for a 3-day Detox Cleanse that will provide you with a safe and effective way to move forward. Done the right way, detoxing will change the way that we look, feel, and even the way that we think about food. Here are 5 reasons to start a safe and effective juice cleanse:


1. You will feel better on the inside and out when toxins are eliminated from your body. From constant bloating to chronic fatigue, a detox can get rid of the daily problems that are caused by the Standard American Diet, (also known as SAD… how fitting). Most of us walk around with constant complaints about how we feel, but we don’t have to live this way. A toxic system often causes constipation, fatigue, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, pesky weight that seems impossible to shed, acne, eczema, dandruff, excess mucus, and bloating. With the right detox program, all of these problems can melt away. The results from participating in a detox cleanse are often pretty remarkable. By the end of the cleanse, most people see their skin start to glow, their pants fit a bit better, and even the whites of people’s eyes are whiter.

2. Energy levels will go up after cleaning the gut. When my clients are done cleansing, especially those who participate for 1-3 weeks, they say that they feel so much lighter. Not just because they often shed quite a few lbs, but the brain fog has been lifted. In the beginning of the cleanse people often feel the opposite and may get discouraged. Some complain that they are tired, hungry, have a headache, have sleep difficulties (are either very tired or can’t sleep), and feel irritable, but these are all actually good signs! It means that your body is eliminating toxins and getting rid of all of that junk that can lead to these kinds of withdrawal symptoms, which are similar to those who quit smoking or drinking. It seems crazy, but often we crave the foods that we are most allergic to. Removing those allergens can cause brief, flu-like achy symptoms that may last in the beginning, but by the end, cleaning your gut results in higher energy levels. This is because the bad bacterias that were once surrounding the gut are now eliminated. The gut contains neurotransmitters and produces most of our serotonin, which controls our mood. Once the gut can work effectively, we feel happier and much more energized.


3. There will be a new appreciation for food. Detoxing brings about an awareness of why we have certain eating habits. So many of us eat simply out of boredom, but when you are on a detox juice cleanse, you don’t have that option and it forces you to break that bad habit. It is easy to eat for the wrong reasons. Changing up your diet is a good way to break the desire to make poor eating choices. Also, taste buds will change during your cleanse. You will start to crave clean food once you eliminate all of the unhealthy stuff from your diet.

4. Remove, restore and rejuvenate. We live in a toxic world that affects our air, water and food, and toxins lodge themselves into our bodies. Humans even as recent as a century ago didn’t used to eat like we do now. We detox in order to enhance our natural detox system in our bodies. Simply by taking the time to detox we are able to restore and rejuvenate by ingesting only fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. Eliminating sugars, simple carbs, alcohol, dairy and all processed foods sounds harder than it actually is when committing to a detox program.

5. Signing up for a juice cleanse allows you to have all your meals prepared for you during your busy life. People often complain that they don’t know what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner and taking the time to come up with something and then prepare and cook it is just plain overwhelming. When you are on this detox juice cleanse, all of your juices are being delivered to you and you know exactly what you will be consuming for the next three days. Now you can focus your thoughts on other things instead of what you are going to eat. This might sound trivial, but taking away this stress is a major plus that people profess while they are cleansing.


I am currently offering a 3-Day detox juice cleanse packed with all of the nutrients that one needs throughout the day. I’m providing free delivery for HBS students, partners, and staff who work or live on or nearby campus. For more details, please contact me at michele@thedirtonvegetables.com or 914.424.2912
Cost: $160


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