3-day detox juice cleanse

“Detox cleanse really helped me to get through the most stressful time at HBS. It balanced my appetite and cleaned not only my body and my skin, but also my mind.
I became lighter, stronger, slept better and maintained healthy eating and sleeping habits long after the detox.”

– Alex S.

“After looking into detox cleanses I’m so happy I went with Michele! Having the one-on-one support was extremely helpful – she delivered all the meals herself and was extremely knowledgeable about the entire process. All the juices were delicious but breakfast was by far my favorite!! By the end of the cleanse I felt great, I was hungry but wasn’t famished or looking to eat everything in my kitchen!! I’ll be making Michele my go-to cleanse lady!!”

– Patti H.

“I took Michele’s cleanse in Sept 2013. My first reaction was that it was so convenient to have it delivered to my door every night and also the price was reasonable compared to other cleanses I had investigated. I was afraid that I would be drinking watery juices and starving for 3 days but it was quite the opposite. The juices are quite substantial (as they have ingredients such as avocado etc) and really tasty. I loved the some of them and didn’t hate any! I wasn’t hungry once during thecleanse although I did start to miss eating about half way through but some were so substantial it was nearly like eating cold soup – in a good way! I felt fantastic after it and would definitely recommend it.”

– Julie S.

“I would highly recommend the 3-day detox cleanse I found at thedirtonvegetables.com. It was a great way to clean out my body and get started on a healthier path in the New Year. Michele was responsive, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about the ingredients and health benefits the cleanse offers. She also put my mind at ease about cleansingwhile traveling for work and explained exactly what I could expect from my body throughout the process. The breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner smoothies were all unique and tasty! My husband and I did the cleanse together and it helped us stop craving all of the terrible, fatty, unhealthy foods we had been eating throughout December. We loved the smoothies so much we actually make smoothies a part of our morning breakfast routine now. Plus, you can’t beat delivery service. I’d recommend the cleanse to anybody who wants to cleanse the toxins from their body or kick start healthier eating habits!”

– Allie N.

Dinner Parties

Michele was absolutely fantastic! She went above and beyond to make my husband’s birthday dinner (+6 guests) a success! She made four different vegetarian dishes. She showed up with most everything prepared, and demonstrated each dish for us. They were all delicious and easy to make! She even made us a apple cider mimosas. Michele has a wonderful, energetic positive attitude, we really enjoyed hanging out together getting to know her. After cleaning up she joined us for desert and continued conversations. To top it all off, she left a warm applepie on our doorstep the day after, which was the day of my husband’s actual birthday. So incredibly thoughtful.

– Anna E.

This was my first experience with Kitchensurfing and Michele’s fabulous work will be hard to top by anyone! Our timing got a little wonky for our surprise party and Michele was unflappable and made us feel like everything was going to be a-okay. The food was so delicious from the smoothies to the coffee cake to the scramble and crepes and everything else. Everyone needed a nap afterwards we were so full – she even brought drinks! She came in, cooked, cleaned up, and was so nice to everyone. I would recommend her for anyone. So pleasant, nice, obviously loves food, good talking to every person – so excellent.

– Kate G.

Personal Chef Services

Michele worked for us for two years and her presence in our life was a wonderful gift. Our son had turned vegetarian, but for him that meant a diet that was primarily carb based. Then Michele came into the picture and had him expanding his palate as well as eating many more vegetables. Her food is made with passion and integrity and you can truly taste the difference. Her repertoire is extensive, innovative and absolutely delicious. We really miss her!

-Anu G.